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"Ask the Community" Fishbowl

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UG Leaders
UG Leaders
5.30pm - 7.00pm

Ever wanted to share your opinion with the community without committing to a presentation? Ever wanted to get community insights on a contentious topic? Ever wanted to tap the knowledge or understand the experience of community members in all stages of their AWS journey?

We’re trying something new to kick off 2024. Our moderator will pitch questions sourced from the community to the ‘fishbowl’, a small group of volunteers from the audience who will occupy a seat amid the wider group. One seat will always be left free, and another voluntarily vacated, so that anyone from the audience can join the fishbowl when they have something to contribute. It’s an opportunity to hear from the whole group but maintain the focus of a small group discussion.

Please RSVP for your chance to nominate a question for the fishbowl. We’re looking forward to hearing from everyone, from newcomers and seasoned professionals to subject matter experts, AWS solutions architects and tech leaders. As usual, there will be refreshments and networking opportunities aplenty.


James Vulling is a Principal Consultant at Mantel Group and an organiser with the Perth/Boorloo AWS User Group.


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